Handwriting analysis, or graphology, can be used by corporate human resources departments for employee behavioral profiling and screening. Handwriting meaning and significance, document analysis.

Job Applicant Honesty Testing, Screening Tool, Benefits of Graphology, Handwriting Analysis

More companies are recognizing the value of graphology than ever before. During the recruitment process a potential job applicant may only be known through his or her handwriting. As a result, there is objectivity and lack of bias. In addition, less time is involved in making the necessary decisions.

The applicant writes one or two paragraphs on unlined paper, 8 1/2 X 11, using stream of consciousness, letting thoughts flow as spontaneously as possible and not worrying about spelling or grammar, then signing the document. These are ideal circumstances which are not always attainable, but even a handwritten job application will usually contain the most important traits of the individual.

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